We’ve got some updates for you!

Despite the difficulties and limitations associated with the Covid-19 pandemic this year, we have some updates for you, which we have summarized briefly below.

DP-S series laboratory power supplies

We have expanded the DP-S series of laboratory power supplies with new models, including up to 6kW output power in the same compact housing. Also the units are now available up to 800V output voltage and 200A output current.

DP-P series multifunctional power supplies

The DP-P series has been extended by new budget models with output power up to 600W, which makes this series very attractive especially in the lower price range. We have also introduced new models with an output power of up to 1200W and replaced models with an output power of 2400W with 3000W models. Another important point is the immediate availability of a Control Suite for Windows for DP-P series multifunction power supplies. We have also reduced prices for 6000W power supplies, thanks to further optimisation of our production process.

DP-PH series high voltage power supplies

The DP-PH series is now available up to 2400W and budget models up to 600W have been introduced. The new Control Suite software for Windows is also available for the DP-PH series. Overall the prices of the DP-PH series power supplies have been reduced.

DP-D series

The DP-D series has been completely revised after 10 years of proven operation and is now available in a new generation “Gen2”. The new generation shines above all with a modern digital control, which improves operation and stability enormously. In addition, the DP-D Gen2 series devices offer a LAN connection and a USB host as options.

DF-C AC industrial power supply units

Devices of the DF-C series with 1-phase output have an extended output frequency range of 47Hz … 63Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz (max. 50% power). New models have also been added to make the selection of parameters more flexible. Last but not least, all prices have been adjusted and for the most part reduced.

DF-S series AC power supplies

There is less news about the DF-S series, but here too we were able to lower our prices a little.

DF-CM High-frequency alternating current power supplies

With the DF-CM series, we have introduced a high-frequency version of the DF-C series, which is specialised in high-frequency applications. In the basic configuration, frequencies of 350Hz … 450Hz are available in the basic configuration, but these devices can now be ordered with frequencies up to 2500Hz.

DP-HA Autoranging laboratory power supplies

The new DP-HA series is based on the proven DP-H series (precision power supplies) and combines the high precision of the DP-H series with an autoranging output for incredible flexibility. In addition, the DP-HA Series has a budget model with up to 400W of power at a very, very low price.

That’s all the news at a given time – stay healthy!