Shipping and Packaging

DSC-ELectronics laboratory power supplies are distributed exclusively through our website and without resellers. Through this measure, we ensure that our power supplies are always purchased at the lowest price and only in the most recent revision.

Deliveries within Europe and to neighboring European countries are dispatched from our headquarters in Germany and reach the destination independently of the destination country within 2 – 5 days. Deliveries to North or South America, Asia and Australia are shipped from our manufacturing facility or warehouse in China, the delivery times vary depending on the shipping method and the destination. Of course, in case of a problem, we also ensure the safe, fast and free pickup of your device by one of our partners – no matter where you are.

DSC-Electronics Packaging & Shipping
0kg – 10kg50,00€70,00€80,00€75,00€80,00€
11kg – 20kg55,00€85,00€100,00€95,00€90,00€
21kg – 30kg60,00€100,00€115,00€105,00€100,00€
31kg – 40kg65,00€105,00€135,00€120,00€110,00€
41kg – 50kg70,00€110,00€150,00€140,00€120,00€
51kg – 60kg75,00€135,00€170,00€155,00€135,00€
61kg – 70kg85,00€140,00€190,00€170,00€150,00€
71kg – 80kg90,00€160,00€210,00€190,00€160,00€
81kg – 90kg95,00€170,00€230,00€205,00€170,00€
91kg – 100kg105,00€175,00€250,00€220,00€180,00€
101kg – 125kg120,00€245,00€280,00€255,00€205,00€
126kg – 150kg130,00€260,00€330,00€290,00€235,00€
151kg – 175kg145,00€280,00€370,00€320,00€260,00€
176kg – 200kg160,00€295,00€410,00€370,00€290,00€
201kg – 225kg170,00€370,00€460,00€405,00€320,00€
226kg – 250kg180,00€390,00€500,00€440,00€345,00€
251kg – 275kg195,00€400,00€540,00€385,00€375,00€
276kg – 300kg210,00€410,00€580,00€410,00€400,00€
301kg – 325kg220,00€480,00€615,00€545,00€430,00€
326kg – 350kg230,00€490,00€650,00€580,00€455,00€
351kg – 375kg245,00€505,00€690,00€610,00€485,00€
376kg – 400kg260,00€520,00€730,00€645,00€510,00€
401kg – 420kg270,00€510,00€760,00€670,00€540,00€
421kg – 450kg285,00€630,00€800,00€705,00€565,00€
451kg – 475kg295,00€640,00€840,00€740,00€595,00€
476kg – 500kg310,00€655,00€875,00€780,00€620,00€
501kg – 1000kg310,00€ + 2,50€ per additional 5kg655,00€ + 95,00€ per additional 100kg875,00€ + 16,00€ per additional 10kg780,00€ + 15,00€ per additional 10kg620,00€ + 82,00€ per additional 100kg