Maximal values of the series: 12kV / 800mA / 1.2kW / ØPL = 3,47€/W

Voltage:0 … 12kVSetting Accuracy U:≤0.2% + 2 LSB
Current:0 … 1.2ASetting Accuracy I:≤0.5% + 2 LSB
Power:0 … 1200WExt. Control Analog:No
Cabinet:19″Ext. Feedback Analog:No
Regulation:U / IRS232:Yes
Load Regulation U:≤0.5% + 2 LSBRS485:Yes
Load Regulation I:≤0.5% + 2 LSBRS422:Yes
Line Regulation U:≤0.1% + 2 LSBOpen Protocol:Yes
Line Regulation I:≤0.1% + 2 LSBModbus-RTU:No
Noise U:≤0.05%FSSCPI:No
Noise I:≤0.05%FSReverse Current Protection:No
Recovery Time (50% Chg.):Polarity Switch:No
Display Accuracy U:≤0.2% + 2 LSBInterlock:No
Display Accuracy I:≤0.5% + 2 LSBExt. Output On/Off Ctrl.No
Voltage:0 … 12kV
Current:0 … 1.2A
Power:0 … 1200W
Regulation:U / I
Load Regulation U:≤0.5% + 2 LSB
Load Regulation I:≤0.5% + 2 LSB
Line Regulation U:≤0.1% + 2 LSB
Line Regulation I:≤0.1% + 2 LSB
Noise U:≤0.05%FS
Noise I:≤0.05%FS
Recovery Time (50% Chg.):
Display Accuracy U:≤0.2% + 2 LSB
Display Accuracy I:≤0.5% + 2 LSB
Setting Accuracy U:≤0.2% + 2 LSB
Setting Accuracy I:≤0.5% + 2 LSB
Ext. Control Analog:No
Ext. Feedback Analog:No
Open Protocol:Yes
Reverse Current Protection:No
Polarity Switch:No
Ext. Output On/Off Ctrl.No

* Optional

Based on DP-P series power supplies, the DP-PH series offers the same advantages at voltages up to 12kV. During the development of the DP-PH series special emphasis has been placed on versatility. In addition to the usual basic functions of a DC laboratory power supply such as precise adjustable voltage and current values, overvoltage and overcurrent protection as well as automatic change between the modes CC (constant current) and CV (constant power), the DP-PH series power supply can be connected via modern digital interfaces RS232, RS485 ,RS422 and an open protocol to set and record output values. Modern ARM microprocessor-based digital control provides fast response times and constant monitoring of output values, resulting in high stability and accuracy.

Laboratory power supply configurator

Select a voltage, current, power combination from the model list by clicking on the corresponding line. Then configure the model with additional options, the configuration is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the configurator. Press “CONFIRM” to end the configuration and to proceed with the request. Fill out the required fields and send your request to our support team by pressing the “REQUEST” button, you will receive an offer by e-mail within a few minutes.

ModelVoltageCurrentPowerPricePrice / Performance
DP10H-1-2PH1000 V1.2 A1200 W2.340,00 €1,95 €/W
– No options available
DP12H-1PH1200 V1 A1200 W2.360,00 €1,97 €/W
DP15H-08PH1500 V0.8A1200 W2.460,00 €2,05 €/W
DP20H-06PH2000 V0.6A1200 W2.600,00 €2,17 €/W
DP30H-04PH3000 V0.4A1200 W2.700,00 €2,25 €/W
DP40H-03PH4000 V0.3A1200 W2.910,00 €2,42 €/W
DP50H-024PH5000 V0.24A1200 W3.010,00 €2,51 €/W
DP60H-01PH6000 V0.1A600 W3.000,00 €5,00 €/W
DP80H-0075PH8000 V0.075A600 W3.310,00 €5,52 €/W
DP100H-006PH10000 V0.06A600 W3.510,00 €5,85 €/W
DP120H-005PH12000 V0.05A600 W3.860,00 €6,43 €/W

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