Maximal values of the series: 150V / 60A / 900W / ØPL = 0,85€/W

Voltage:0 … 150VSetting Accuracy U:±0.03% reading + 10mV
Current:0 … 60ASetting Accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FS
Power:0 … 900WExt. Control Analog:Yes
Cabinet:Non-StandardExt. Feedback Analog:Yes
Regulation:U / IRS232:Yes
Load Regulation U:≤0.1% + 5mVRS485:Yes*
Load Regulation I:≤0.1% + 5mVRS422:No
Line Regulation U:≤0.01% + 4mVOpen Protocol:Yes
Line Regulation I:≤0.1% + 3mVModbus-RTU:Yes*
Noise U:≤2mVrms / ≤30mVppSCPI:Yes
Noise I:≤10mArmsReverse Current Protection:Yes
Recovery Time (50% Chg.):≤1.5msPolarity Switch:No
Display Accuracy U:±0.02% reading + 5mVInterlock:No
Display Accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FSExt. Output On/Off Ctrl.:Yes
Voltage:0 … 150V
Current:0 … 60A
Power:0 … 900W
Regulation:U / I
Load Regulation U:≤0.1% + 5mV
Load Regulation I:≤0.1% + 5mV
Line Regulation U:≤0.01% + 4mV
Line Regulation I:≤0.1% + 3mV
Noise U:≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp
Noise I:≤10mArms
Recovery Time (50% Chg.):≤1.5ms
Display Accuracy U:±0.02% reading + 5mV
Display Accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FS
Setting Accuracy U:±0.03% reading + 10mV
Setting Accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FS
Ext. Control Analog:Yes
Ext. Feedback Analog:Yes
Open Protocol:Yes
Reverse Current Protection:Yes
Polarity Switch:No
Ext. Output On/Off Ctrl.:Yes

* Optional

High-Precision laboratory power supplies of the DP-H series are used wherever high accuracy down to the mV / mA range and autonomous extended functionality is required. Equipped with modern ARM microprocessor control, color LCD display and automated programs for charging and simulating accumulators as well as programmable current / voltage curves, these programmable high-precision laboratory power supplies are versatile even without external control. Also, DP-H Series laboratory power supplies have a variety of analog and digital connectivity options and are easily integrated into any existing infrastructure.


The following is a brief description of the possible additional options for high-precision laboratory power supplies of the DP-H series. A detailed description can be found in the datasheet of the series, should you have any questions contact our support during our opening hours via the live chat or by e-mail and we will gladly assist you.

[D1] / [D2] Digital connection
Digital connection for setting and reading the device parameters in real time via an open protocol.

Laboratory power supply configurator

Select a voltage, current, power combination from the model list by clicking on the corresponding line. Then configure the model with additional options, the configuration is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the configurator. Press “CONFIRM” to end the configuration and to proceed with the request. Fill out the required fields and send your request to our support team by pressing the “REQUEST” button, you will receive an offer by e-mail within a few minutes.

ModelVoltageCurrentPowerPricePrice / PerformanceLead time / Calendar days
DP15-60H15 V60 A900 W740,00 €0,82 €/W25 – 30

DP20-45H20 V45 A900 W740,00 €0,82 €/W25 – 30
DP30-30H30 V30 A900 W740,00 €0,82 €/W25 – 30
DP60-15H60 V15 A900 W740,00 €0,82 €/W25 – 30
DP80-11H80 V11 A900 W740,00 €0,82 €/W25 – 30
DP150-6H150 V6 A900 W910,00 €1,01 €/W25 – 30

Model[Accessories] and [Options]Price plus Vat and Shipping
GerätemodellPrice plus Vat and Shipping