Maximal values of the series: 2kVrms L-N / 15kA each Phase / 1MVA / ØPL = 0,57€/W

Phase:1 / 3Display Accuracy I:≤0.5% rdg + (±0.2% FS)
Voltage:0 … 300Vrms L-N / 0 … 520Vrms L-L
(0 … 2kVrms L-N)*
Display Accuracy P:≤0.5% rdg + (±0.2% FS)
Current:0 … 1260A LV** / 0 … 630A FS**
(0 … 15kA L-N)*
Display Accuracy F:≤0.02% rdg
Frequency:350Hz … 450Hz
(200Hz … 2500Hz)*
Setting Accuracy U±1% FS
Power:0 … 1MVASetting Accuracy F:±0.1% FS
Cabinet:Stand-Alone RackExt. Control Analoque:Yes*
Regulation:UExt. Feedback Analoque:Yes*
Load Regulation U:≤1%RS232:Yes*
Line Regulation U:≤1%RS485:Yes*
Frequency Stability:≤0.01%RS422:Yes*
Voltage Stability:±1%Open Protocol:Yes
Harmonic Distortion:≤2%Modbus-RTU:Only RS485
Crest Factor:≤2%SCPI:No
Recovery Time (50% Chg.):≤15msInterlock:Yes*
Display Accuracy U:≤0.5% rdg + (±0.2% FS)Ext. Outp. On/Off Ctrl.:Yes*
Phase:1 / 3
Voltage:0 … 300Vrms L-N
0 … 520Vrms L-L
(0 … 2kVrms L-N)*
Current:0 … 1260A LV**
0 … 630A FS**
(0 … 15kA L-N)*
Frequency:350Hz … 450Hz
(200Hz … 2500Hz)*
Power:0 … 1MVA
Cabinet:Stand-Alone Rack
Load Regulation U:≤1%
Line Regulation U:≤1%
Frequency Stability:≤0.01%
Voltage Stability:±1%
harmonic Distortion:≤2%
Crest Factor:≤2%
Recovery Time (50% Chg.):≤15ms
Display Accuracy U:≤0.5% rdg + (±0.2% FS)
Display Accuracy I:≤0.5% rdg + (±0.2% FS)
Display Accuracy P:≤0.5% rdg + (±0.2% FS)
Display Accuracy F:≤0.02% rdg
Setting Accuracy U±1% FS
Setting Accuracy F:±0.1% FS
Ext. Control Analoque:Yes*
Ext. Feedback Analoque:Yes*
Open Protocol:Yes
Modbus-RTU:Only RS485
Ext. Outp. On/Off Ctrl.:Yes*

* Optional
* LV = High current range 0 – 150Vrms L-N / FS = High voltage range 0 – 300Vrms L-N

Designed for high-performance laboratory and industrial applications, the DF-CM Series alternating current high-frequency power supplies are a high-frequency modification of the well known DF-C Series and fully maintenance-free up to the megawatt range, even under 24/7 continuous operation. Switchable low voltage high current (LV 0 … 150Vrms) or high voltage low current (FS 0 … 300Vrms) ranges offer maximum flexibility, while the standard frequency range is adjustable over a wide range of 350Hz … 450Hz and can be extended up to 200Hz … 2500Hz up on request. These alternating current high-frequency power supplies offer excellent frequency and voltage stability as well as a clean sine waveform, and the range of functions can be extended by many options and adapted to the requirements.


The following is a brief description of the possible additional options for alternating current high-frequency power supplies of the DF-CM series. A detailed description can be found in the datasheet of the series, should you have any questions contact our support during our opening hours via the live chat or by e-mail and we will gladly assist you.

[Z1] ACCESSORY: 2m Cable with SCHUKO, CEE Plug male blue 32A or red 32A
The laboratory power supply will be supplied with a 2m connection cable and matching plug:
Output power ≤ 3300W – SCHUKO
Output power > 3300W – CEE plug Blue 32A 230V
Output power ≥ 6000W – CEE plug Red 32A 400V

[U] Ext. analog control U
Input for external control of the output voltage via an analog control signal.

[F] Ext. analog feedback U
Returns the actual value of the output voltage.

[G] Ext. analog feedback I
Returns the actual value of the output current.

[A] Interlock & Ext. Output On/Off Ctrl.
Input for controlling the status of the output of the laboratory power supply (on / off), switchable as “Interlock” or external control.

[D] Digital connection
Digital connection for setting and reading the device parameters in real time via an open protocol.

[N] Galvanic separation
Selection between non-galvanically isolated output (at PE potential), potential-free output and potential-free output with additional FI circuit breaker.

Laboratory power supply configurator

Select a voltage, current, power combination from the model list by clicking on the corresponding line. Then configure the model with additional options, the configuration is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the configurator. Press “CONFIRM” to end the configuration and to proceed with the request. Fill out the required fields and send your request to our support team by pressing the “REQUEST” button, you will receive an offer by e-mail within a few minutes.

(LV 0 … 150Vrms)
(FS 0 … 300Vrms)
PowerPricePrice / PerformanceLead Time / Calendar Days
DF-CM610051300Vrms L-N4.3 A2.1 A500 VA1.520,00 €3,04 €/W25 – 30

DF-CM61011300Vrms L-N8.6 A4.3 A1000 VA1.740,00 €1,74 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61021300Vrms L-N17.3 A8.6 A2000 VA2.260,00 €1,13 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61031300Vrms L-N26 A13 A3000 VA2.830,00 €0,94 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61051300Vrms L-N43 A21 A5000 VA3.700,00 €0,74 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61061300Vrms L-N52 A26 A6000 VA4.300,00 €0,72 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61101300Vrms L-N87 A43 A10000 VA5.720,00 €0,57 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61151300Vrms L-N130 A65 A15000 VA7.030,00 €0,47 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61201300Vrms L-N174 A87 A20000 VA8.790,00 €0,44 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM61301300Vrms L-N260 A130 A30000 VA11.290,00 €0,38 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM61451300Vrms L-N391 A195 A45000 VA15.940,00 €0,35 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM61501300Vrms L-N434 A217 A50000 VA17.640,00 €0,35 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM61601300Vrms L-N521 A260 A60000 VA20.500,00 €0,34 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM61751300Vrms L-N652 A326 A75000 VA23.850,00 €0,32 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM61901300Vrms L-N782 A391 A90000 VA26.920,00 €0,30 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM611001300Vrms L-N870 A435 A100000 VA28.850,00 €0,29 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM611201300Vrms L-N1043 A521 A120000 VA31.770,00 €0,26 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM611501300Vrms L-N1304 A652 A150000 VA37.550,00 €0,25 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM612001300Vrms L-N1739 A869 A200000 VA45.610,00 €0,23 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM613001300Vrms L-N2608 A1304 A300000 VA64.120,00 €0,21 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM630153300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L4.3 A2.1 A1500 VA2.380,00 €1,59 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM63033300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L8.6 A4.3 A3000 VA3.950,00 €1,32 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM63063300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L17.3 A8.6 A6000 VA6.120,00 €1,02 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM63103300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L29 A14 A10000 VA7.240,00 €0,72 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM63153300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L43 A21 A15000 VA8.960,00 €0,60 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM63203300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L58 A29 A20000 VA10.830,00 €0,54 €/W25 – 30
DF-CM63303300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L86 A43 A30000 VA13.420,00 €0,45 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM63453300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L130 A65 A45000 VA17.330,00 €0,39 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM63603300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L173 A86 A60000 VA21.610,00 €0,36 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM63753300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L217 A108 A75000 VA24.960,00 €0,33 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM63903300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L260 A130 A90000 VA28.310,00 €0,31 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM631003300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L289 A144 A100000 VA30.240,00 €0,30 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM631203300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L347 A123 A120000 VA34.090,00 €0,28 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM631503300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L434 A217 A150000 VA38.750,00 €0,26 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM631803300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L521 A260 A180000 VA43.610,00 €0,24 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM632003300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L579 A289 A200000 VA48.110,00 €0,24 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM632503300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L724 A362 A250000 VA58.660,00 €0,23 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM633003300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L869 A434 A300000 VA69.680,00 €0,23 €/W65 – 85
DF-CM634003300Vrms L-N / 520Vrms L-L1159 A579 A400000 VA90.930,00 €0,23 €/W65 – 85

Model[Accessories] and [Options]Price plus Vat and Shipping
GerätemodellPrice plus Vat and Shipping