Advanced High-Voltage Power Supplies up tp 12kV: The DP-PH Series

The DP-PH Series constant voltage / constant current sources based on our new DP-P Series offer a very high grade of integration and reliability. Coming with all widely used digital connection possibilities as RS485, RS422, RS232 open protocol and ModBus support these advanced high voltage power supplies can be integrated into any persisting or new infrastructure. All devices offer CV (constant voltage) and CC (constant current) operation modes with automatic switching and high resolution voltage and current meters. All parameters can be easily adjusted either over the front panel, or through one of the digital connections. Integrated automatic protections as the over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP), over load protection (OLP), under voltage protection (UVP) and over temperature protection (OTP) allow safe operation of these devices in any conditions plus the output is short-circuit proof and potential-free (not models over 1kV).

Our advanced high voltage power supplies DP-PH are available as a 2U 19inch tabletop or rack-mount device with voltages up to 12kV and currents up to 1,2A.

Quick overview of the DP-PH Series High Voltage Power Supplies

Max. PowerUp to 1200 Watt
Max. VoltageUp to 12kV
Max. CurrentUp to 1,2A
Galvanic IsolationOutput potential-free (not models over 1kV) / Signal In- & Outputs potential-free on all models
Working ModesCV – Constant Voltage / CC – Constant Current
ConnectionsRS232 / RS484 / RS422
Features19″ Rack-mount or Stand-alone format
Optional (*) 

Select a model from the list

The list below shows avalable models of the DP-PH Series advanced high voltage power supplies. By clicking on the model name, you are redirected to the product page with a detailed description, data sheets, documents and configuration options. If you do not find the configuration that suits you, please contact us and we will provide you with an offer.

ModelPrice (Net)VoltageCurrentPower
DP10H-1-2PH2.340,00 €0 – 1.000 V0 – 1.200 mA1.200 Watt
DP12H-1PH2.360,00 €0 – 1.200 V0 – 1.000 mA1.200 Watt
DP15H-08PH2.460,00 €0 – 1.500 V0 – 800 mA1.200 Watt
DP20H-06PH2.600,00 €0 – 2.000 V0 – 600 mA1.200 Watt
DP30H-04PH2.700,00 €200 – 3.000 V0 – 400 mA1.200 Watt
DP40H-03PH2.910,00 €200 – 4.000 V0 – 300 mA1.200 Watt
DP50H-024PH3.010,00 €300 – 5.000 V0 – 240 mA1.200 Watt
DP60H-01PH3.000,00 €500 – 6.000 V0 – 100 mA600 Watt
DP80H-0075PH3.310,00 €500 – 8.000 V0 – 75 mA600 Watt
DP100H-006PH3.510,00 €800 – 10.000 V0 – 60 mA600 Watt
DP120H-005PH3.860,00 €1.000 – 12.000 V0 – 50 mA600 Watt

Unable to find a suitable model ?

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