Single Phase AC Power Supplies up to 3kW: The DF-S Series

The DF-S51XXX & DF-S50XXX Series alternating current power supplies are professional “entry-level” laboratory AC voltage sources offering a very good price-performance ratio providing the stability, reliability and precision of their bigger DF-C series brothers while leaving out some functionality which is mostly not required for simpler projects. These alternating current voltage sources are the perfect choice for laboratory use where high precision is required, industrial low power applications with high demands on the voltage and frequency stability or as a highly stable AC voltage sources for product development and testing. These laboratory ac power supplies provide a high quality true-sine output wave, with an adjustable frequency of 45Hz – 250Hz in 0,1Hz steps and adjustable Voltage amplitude from 0V – 300V in 0,1V steps. Excellent output voltage and frequency stability with fast response times are achieved by a modern ARM-powered micro controller and a high quality power output stage. All parameters are displayed and can be easily set on the front panel with bright LED displays and quick access buttons or via the RS232 port with an open protocol (DF-S51XXX series only). Automatic protection functions integrated in the AC laboratory power supply allow safe operation in all conditions, the output is short-circuit proof.

Quick overview over the DF-S Series Alternating Current Power Supplies

Max. PowerUp to 3KVA
Max. Voltage

0Vrms to 300Vrms

Max. CurrentUp to 25A
Galvanic IsolationOutput grounded / Signal In- & Outputs potential-free on all models
Working ModesCV – Constant Voltage
ConnectionsRS232 (DF-S51XXX Models only)
FeaturesTrue-Sine Output / Variable Frequency 45Hz – 250Hz
Optional (*) 

Select a model from the list

The list below provides an overview of the best-selling alternating current laboratory power supply models. By clicking on the model name, you get to the product page with a detailed description, data sheets, documents and configuration options. If you do not find the configuration that suits you, please contact us and we will provide you with an offer.

ModelPricePhaseVoltage (RMS)CurrentPower
DF-S 500035570,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 3 A (0-150V) / 0 – 1,5 A (0-300V)350 Watt
DF-S 50007660,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 6 A (0-150V) / 0 – 3 A (0-300V)700 Watt
DF-S 50012770,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 10 A (0-150V) / 0 – 5 A (0-300V)1.200 Watt
DF-S 51005660,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 4,2 A (0-150V) / 0 – 2,1 A (0-300V)500 Watt
DF-S 5101770,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 8,4 A (0-150V) / 0 – 4,2 A (0-300V)1.000 Watt
DF-S 51021.020,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 16,8 A (0-150V) / 0 – 8,4 A (0-300V)2.000 Watt
DF-S 51031.450,00 €1 Phase0 – 300V 1Ph.0 – 25 A (0-150V) / 0 – 12,5 A (0-300V)3.000 Watt

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