Basic Calibration

Our products are factory calibrated before shipment. Calibration is performed at a standard air temperature of 22 ° C and 30 minutes warm-up time with DAkkS calibrated meters, the product is readjusted if necessary. The results of the calibration are confirmed by the responsible examiner, but not recorded in detail in our system. If you need a calibration certificate, please let us know with your request, we can not create it retroactively because the detailed results ​​of the calibration are not recorded. 

DAkkS Calibration

If “precise” is not enough – In addition to our basic in-house calibration, we also offer the option of having the ordered product calibrated by an external DAkkS certified testing laboratory. Our partner laboratory then takes over the order after completion of the product in our manufacturing facility. The costs incurred by the external calibration vary considerably from one test item to the other, and the lead times depend heavily on the current workload of the testing laboratory, which is why the calibration is quoted on request.

Average cost and duration of a DAkkS calibration

Duration: 8 – 14 Tage
Costs: 390,00€ – 590,00€