Founded in 2010 in the former capital Bonn, our company quickly grew into a globally important manufacturer of high-performance power supplies


With the ever-increasing complexity of electronic systems, the demands on their development and operating environment also increase. Modern power supplies must always meet new requirements and technical possibilities. In this technological race, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the ideal power supply for your project. But this choice is enormously important at least from the financial point of view, because one thing a project never has too much – is budget. Our company philosophy is set right here: Each of our laboratory or industrial power supply series can be configured down to the smallest detail or can be manufactured on order according to customer requirements. At the same time, we have optimized our manufacturing process to such an extent that custom-made products do not cost more than a serial product. Thus, excessive costs can be avoided by the purchase of an perfectly customized power supply.

Even the basic characteristics such as voltage, current and power of our devices can be configured according to the requirements of your project. Further adjustment by means of optional functions creates a power source that is configured functionally and priced exactly to your needs.

An important goal of our company is to increase the availability of high-quality laboratory technics for small companies and private individuals. We are constantly working on optimizing our manufacturing process in order to keep our power supplies as available as possible. What we do not reduce is the quality of our products as well as our service and support.



Components from all over the world – a heart from Germany. Our products are developed in Germany and still every device is tested by hand in our headquarters in Germany, calibrated and shipped after careful packaging. We still make some custom products by hand in Germany. In this case the pcbs are printed by partner manufacturers, equipped with high-quality components and delivered to our production site. After arrival, the equipment is assembled, stress tested and shipped.

Consulting & Quotation

Our product range includes hundreds of laboratory and industrial power supplies with a wide variety of output values. This allows us to ensure that our customers are able to purchase exactly the device that fits their purpose best. If you need help selecting the right device, our experts will be happy to help you. Just let us know your requirements or your test set-up and we will select the right device for you, together with the required options.


Some applications require unusual solutions – we manufacture our laboratory power supplies according to your specifications. Configure your power supply with optional features or let us know your requirements and we will develop a suitable solution for you. By the way, we do not charge any additional costs for custom products.

Custom-Made Products

If there is no existing solution or none of our power supply models meet your requirements, please let us know your needs and we will develop the right power supply for you. On request, we take over all steps, starting with the creation of the requirements profile to production and certification. And the best: We bear the costs of the development if we decide to include your custom product into our catalogue.

Quality Control

Our industrial and laboratory equipment is calibrated and subjected to stress tests before shipment using the latest digital methods. Custom products are thoroughly tested and certified, each device is given an individual serial number.

Transport & Installation

With weights from 20kg to 3.000kg, we work with many transport companies which enable us to ship high-performance industrial power supplies to the entire world just as efficiently as our small laboratory power supplies. We deliver to small and medium – sized customers worldwide, the current shipping rates can be found in our shipping price tables.

Technical Support

We offer our customers support via e-mail, with 24h / 5 days a week and a response time of less than 20 minutes. Our support will not only help you with problems, but our technicians will also be happy to assist you with questions regarding the connection of the device and your project.

Warranty & Repair

We grant 3 years full warranty with free pick-up, repair and delivery on all our devices. Special designs over 50kW are subject to an extended warranty by agreement, usually 5 years.