About Us

Founded in 2010 in the historic district of Bonn-Bad Godesberg (Germany / NRW) as a one-man business, the company initially dealt with the planning, implementation and maintenance of customer-specific energy supply solutions for industrial and laboratory applications. Having a strong focus on perfection, the company steadily invested into their employees during the first two successful business years, resulting in a strong team of the most experienced and innovative engineers available on the German market by 2012. In the same year, we started working on our own series of industrial grade power supplies which should cover the application areas not covered by products already present on the local market, which were especially highly customizable and compact high-performance power supplies. From this point on, the company’s focus shifted slowly from service to production and development due to the high demand for the in-house power supply brand. The office space was constantly converted into production and service space and capacities were increased exponentially.

Thanks to our unique manual production concept, our company quickly became a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance laboratory power supplies. Already back in 2014, we supplied our laboratory power supplies to well-known major customers including Fuji, Volkswagen AG and Porsche, as well as many training facilities and universities in and outside the EU.

Today, DSC-Electronics Germany serves customers worldwide, with over 255 customizable low and high power (100W to 1MW) power supply models and ten product series offering the widest range of models on the market. In mid-2018, the company moved into a new production hall in the centre of the city of Bonn, which further expanded its assembly and service capacities. The manual production to order allows us to implement nearly any customer requests quickly and effectively, which sets our company apart from other European-based competitors.

Corporate Philosophy

With the ever-increasing complexity of electronic systems, the demands on their development environment also increase. Modern measuring instruments must always meet new requirements and technical possibilities as well as quality standards. DSC-Electronics Germany specializes in highly configurable power supplies with the most possible power in a compact form-factor. Even the basic characteristics such as voltage, current and power of our devices can be configured according to the requirements of your project. Further configuration with optional functions creates a power supply which is functionally and priced to your needs.

An important goal of our company is to increase the availability of high-quality laboratory technology for small companies and private individuals. We are constantly working on optimizing the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary extravagances in order to keep the prices as low as possible for our equipment while we preserve the highest quality of our products. We believe that experienced engineering and high-quality components are what makes the quality of our laboratory power supplies, not fancy advertisement.

DSC-Electronics Germany Manufacturing Process


Components from all over the world – a heart from Germany.

Our products are developed in Germany and still every device is assembled and tested by hand in our headquarters in Bonn. The manual assembly is one of the key points that separate us from our competition, as we put our passion, knowledge and love into each of the power supplies which leave our manufacturing facility – and you will feel it while using our products.

DSC-Electronics Germany Manufacturing Process


Quality is always one of the most important factors, in every aspect of our life – but especially in laboratory and industrial applications where a defective component or device can cause a significant financial loss due to a production stop, or even worse, situations hazardous for the health of the operator.

This is why we design our products with this in mind in the first place, with every component over-dimensioned to ensure that our power supplies work even under the most demanding conditions longer than their intended life-span – absolutely maintenance free. Each of our power supplies is calibrated by hand, with a detailed calibration protocol which is saved and kept safe in our database for at least 10 years.

DSC-Electronics Germany Manufacturing Process


What can be more important than quality? Nothing. But service comes next.

We at DSC-Electronics Germany dedicate ourselves to servicing our customers, and according to the opinion of these we offer the best service in our market. As we are a comparably small company, all of our customers receive private and dedicated support – no automatic replies and several days response time. In case you need us, we are instantly there, and we get things fixed in the way that suits your expectations in the first place.

There is no point in telling stories, all things break sometimes, even our power supplies. But in case this happens, you are safe with us as we will assist you in any possible way to keep things running at your end and to perform the repair in hours, not weeks or even months. And this no matter how far you are from our factory, as we have a great carrier network which will bring our power supply home quickly any time for service.

In case you would like to perform repair yourself, our engineers will assist you in every way during the repair process and all spare parts for our power supplies are instantly delivered to any location.

DSC-Electronics Germany Manufacturing Process

Packaging & Shipping

Specializing in high power industrial power supplies with a weight of over a ton and having customers in nearly every country of the world, we gathered a lot of experience in terms of international transport and reliable packaging over the years. We have established a fast and reliable international network of forwarders who are not only able to quickly deliver an order to our customer, but can also pick anything up in case it has to return for service.

We value our nature, thus we are constantly trying to optimize our packaging and transport to utilize less plastic and more re-cycled materials. At the moment over 80% of the materials used for packaging are natural and another 19% are re-cycled plastics.